Two Reasons Why it’s Hard to Let Go & Delegate

Jan 12, 2012

As entrepreneurs we all know we need to delegate right? There are many challenges to delegation – having the right systems & processes in place, right person to do the work, etc.

Yet there is also an “inner game” to delegation that I see many entrepreneurs struggle with – especially those that have been doing much of the work themselves to date.

Knowing that you *should* get something off your plate but having a hard time letting go of that thing. (even when you have someone else who could do it.)

Why does this happen? In my experience it boils down to the following:

  • Not knowing what else to spend your time on – if you get A, B & C off your plate then what are you going to do? If we aren’t clear on what else to spend our time on then we won’t want to let go of what is currently on our plate… you need to get clear on what business building activities will replace your current tasks.
  • Fear of what you *should* be spending your time on – you know what else you should be doing but it scares you. You should be making sales calls but you don’t want to – it can be scary! – so instead you keep tweaking your website and playing on twitter. It’s time to take a deep breath and make it happen – and get the help of a coach if need be to kick your butt.

What is on your plate that you have a hard time letting go of? Why don’t you want to let it go? Make a list and get honest with yourself – then take steps to make the change and move forward.


  1. Anonymous

    I love this post! I’m actually struggling with the things that I need to let go and the things that I should actually be holding on to. I feel that I can be more productive when “getting rid” of those things, but I’m trying to get it together.

    • Anonymous

      What are the things that you are holding onto Elise?

      • Anonymous

        I’m holding on to a lot of administrative tasks that I’m slowly but surely trying to get ride of.


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