My all time favorite speaker [love this woman!]

Jan 6, 2012

I just listened to a short recording from Barbara Corcoran that I wanted to pop over to you here today. I first heard Barbara speak a couple of years back and she knocked my socks off – her advice re: how every biz needs an expander and a contractor is one of my all time favorite business strategies. Plus she’s a hoot, totally real and down to earth… and of course she also holds her own with the boys on Shark Tank (love that show.)

This recording from the folks at GKIC* is definitely worth a listen (and best of all it’s only 20 minutes long.)

A few of my favs from this  recording:

  • Love  her story about not taking no for an answer w en it came to  Shark Tank, and how some of her rejections later became her biggest successes. (How often do you give up after one no?)
  • Her definition of a what a “slump” is REALLY hit home for me… and I love her advice re: how to fix a slump before it becomes a bigger issue. (This seriously tweaked something in my brain today… big shift for me.)
  • Her theory that “passion is overrated” – learn what really matters instead (I SOOOO agree with this, passion simply isn’t enough in business)
  • And  of course her cheeky advice re: how men are different than women in business will give you a good chuckle at the end of this recording

>> Click here to listen*

And  I’m honored to be sharing the stage with Barbara at the GKIC Business Makeover Event next month in San Antonio – she is the keynote speaker and I can’t wait to see her live again. (I’ll be speaking about how to go from Solo to Supported: How To Outsource, Delegate & Automate Your Business to Save your Sanity) Details to register for the
event are on the same page as the recording. 

* In the spirit of full disclosure this is an affiliate link, so if you sign up to join us at the event I will get an affiliate commission. Which would be awesome cause then we’ll get to see each other live and in person – I only share stuff from folks I know and like, regardless of the affiliate commission. Enjoy!

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  1. Lucy

    it took me while but it was sure worth the listen, what a power-packed vital volcano of a woman!


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