What are you going to plan for 2012?

Dec 2, 2011

Here’s my “plan to plan” for next year, care to join me? (Click video to play)

We get started on December 12th – just click the button below to join us and you are set!

Monday to Friday, December 12th to 16th
1pm pacific / 4pm eastern each day

Here’s to planning for (and getting) everything you want in 2012 :)

~ Tina



  1. Karen Knowler

    Can you share more about this please as I’m interested to buy but don’t feel I have enough information. Thanks Tina!

  2. Debbi

    I have an idea of what I would like to accomplish in 2012, but I’m not sure how to do it. Will this help me with that? I always have the end goal and no map to get there….

    • Anonymous

      Hey Debbi – great question. This won’t be a “figure out what I want to
      do” program, rather it’s a “I have a pretty good idea what I want to do, I just
      need to get it all mapped out and ready” program. (If that makes sense?)

  3. Lilia

    Is this going to be the same format as last year’s planning?

    • Anonymous

      Very similar, yes – it works well so I don’t plan on changing anything.

  4. Dawn

    Hi Tina – would love to register for this but the timings not good for me – it will be 9pm in the UK and a little too late for me. Can I join this via recordings?


    • Anonymous

      You definitely can Dawn – everything is being recorded and will be posted the same day, so you can essentially “keep up” with the process.

  5. Cindy Greenway

    LOL Love the yawn!  You crack me up!

  6. Ellen Ward

    Since I still have a full time job (yuck) will you record this and make it available for those who register but cannot attend?  Thank you

    • Anonymous

      We will be recording Ellen – and will post recordings the same day, so you can follow along that way as well

      • Ellen Ward

         Thanks Tina – I’d prefer to be there live, but I just signed up and will be content with the recordings.  I’ll start my prework this week.  I’m excited.


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