Are you stuck in the ‘dangerous trap’ of being excellent at what you do?

Nov 10, 2011

Are you operating from your Zone of Excellence or your Zone of Genuis? According to The Big Leap (awesome book by Gay Hendricks) too many of us are stuck in the dangerous trap of being excellent…


  1. Lyndsay

    Wow!  Was this video ever meant for me! I have recently recognized myself being in the comfort zone of The Zone of Excellence, thinking it was a saftey zone, and a support structure, but to reframe it as a dangerous place to be and a trap I could be stuck in motivates me to get moving on my dream!  

    Thank you Tina for sharing your insight, I look forward to your future musings, and for now, I am off to get the Big Leap!  


    • Anonymous

      Thanks for sharing Lyndsay, be sure to let me know how this all clicks for you once you get the book. What kind of changes do you anticipate making when it comes to shifting from Excellence to Genius?

  2. Cindy

    Picked up the book yesterday thanks to our chat earlier this week Tina!  Can’t wait to get away and read it and go through those zones!  😉


  3. Karri Flatla

    Glad you decided to share this 😉 

    Excellence can be a grind and yet how many of us recognize that “grind feeling” as a wake-up call to step away from “should” and toward our zone of genius!? There’s so much focus in western society now on “excellence” that I do believe it’s blinded us to the more important – though harder to define – abilities within each of us. Abilities that can change lives during increasingly complex times.

    Makes me think of Ken Robinson’s talk about being in your “element” Same idea. Just because you’re great at something doesn’t mean it’s your destiny or even what you “should” do. (Screw “should.”)


  4. Lori

    Love this book Tina!  Becoming aware of these areas really helps you to break through each level and work towards your Zone of Genius 🙂  I am taking steps to break through each and every day and will not stop until I am fully in my Zone of Genius!


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