I have a nice light week…. aaaah or eek!?

Mar 7, 2011

Here I sit on a Monday morning – looking at a calendar that does NOT have a week full of calls, classes and other stuff (like it usually does.)

Instead there is alot of empty space on my calendar. Which at face value makes me go “ahhhhhh”… finally I have some space to work on some of my bigger projects – those that require some open thinking time. I don’t have to be rush-rush-rush trying to squeeze it all in to the week. Even my OBM Tiffany this morning was like “hey, love that we have a light week for once.”

And yet, as I sit here this morning I find myself feeling a bit of an “eeek!” too… almost like I should be doing something? How dare I sit back and enjoy an “easy” week… I should be go-go-go like usual!

Funny to see what comes up for me here, and yet I can’t say i’m surprised. Even though I know many of us start our own businesses because we want to have more freedom, I also know that when we get that freedom it can sometimes feel wierd. Especially if our businesses are actually a big part of how we define ourselves and our lives. (and yes, I will admit that is true for me.)

For me it’s almost like I don’t know how to enjoy the freedom (yet). I’m sitting here feeling like I should be doing stuff and go-go-go like usual, and yet at the same time I actually want to enjoy the space in my week because it doesn’t happen very often.

I guess it’s just a decision to be made, and as I type this i’m deciding to enjoy the space. Heck, I might even take a bit of time away from the computer this afternoon and really step away (GASP!) 

How do you enjoy the white space in your business? Or do you allow any white space at all? Curious…


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