Creating your own Certification Program… would you be interested in this?

Mar 2, 2011

A quick question for you… I’ve had a number of people approach me recently about helping them to create their own certification programs. People have seen what I’ve done with the OBM Certification and Training Program and would love to do something similar in their own business – leverage their own expertise in training other people to “do what they do” and create an additional revenue stream.

This has popped up enough that I’m looking at putting together a workshop re: Creating Your Own Certification Program – and was wondering if this is something that you would be interested in?

If yes, just pop your name and email in the form below (and if not, no need to do anything). No commitment in doing so, I’m just gauging interest at this stage… if there are enough folks interested we’ll get the ball rolling here in the near future.

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