Hitting 7-figures… what’s the rush?

Feb 22, 2011

I was talking with my friend Andrea J. Lee last night – having another one of our “all about life and biz” conversations (love these calls – such fun!)

We got to talking about how it seems everyone lately is in such a rush to build their businesses… such a rush to “fill up their practice” or “make 6 or 7-figures NOW!” How people are feeling really stressed and upset if they don’t reach their goals *right away*, and how much pressure that is all around. 

And as we were talking about this it hit me – this is EXACTLY how i’ve been feeling over the past year. Flashback to a year ago and I had it in my mind that I was going to “create a 7-figure business”… I wasn’t really sure on the specifics but I felt like that was what I was “supposed” to do next. Not really sure where I got that from, but it was something that I put on myself as my new big goal. 7-figures, woo hoo!!! Let’s go…

As the year progressed I had a moment in the fall where I stopped and thought “hey, what is up with this 7-figure thing I have looming over my head?” Cause it was feeling exactly like that – like a magical number that was just somewhere out there, but that I wasn’t really connected to at all. It was feeling super heavy, almost to the point of paralyzing me. I had no idea what I would do with 7-figures, and quite honestly I didn’t really want it. I remember having a discussion with my coach around that time and sharing with him how I didn’t really want to make 7-figures… how it didn’t feel like it fit.  And so he asked me “what do you want to make? and WHY?”… and we worked through getting in touch with what my next big goal really was. One that I felt connected to and excited about… something that actually felt doable, and therefore much more motivating for me.

It’s also worth noting that I felt like I was going to get in trouble at the time – almost like admiting that I didn’t want to make 7-figures was something *bad or wrong* somehow and that I would be shunned by the world for admitting that. After all, who doesn’t want to make more money right? The more the merrier right? “You don’t want to make 7-figures? GASP!”… none of this happened of course, it was all in my head.

Now don’t get me wrong – i’m certainly not against making more money in my biz and hitting 7-figures someday… but what i’ve become clear on is that I need to have a more realistic view of what my goals are (what I REALLY want) and what that takes, including how long it can take to happen. Yes, some people can go from 0 to 7-figures in record time… and yes, those are the stories that we seem to hear alot about. But they are the exception – not the norm, and I think they set some unrealistic expectations. Not everyone is going to hit 7-figures right away, and I for one am tired of feeling like i’m *supposed* to be doing that. Time to get out of that pressure cooker. Time to give ourselves some breathing room and take it step-by-step.

Instead I think it’s all about progression. Being aware of where we are at right now, and what our next level is from there. This will look different for all of us – depending on what type of business we have and what type of lifestyle we want. For some making $30K this year could rock your socks off – and for others that number might be $330K. When I consider my own biz and lifestyle choices I’m seeing a “double it” effect going on – I hit $100K in 2009, doubled that last year and am on track to double that again this year as my goal. And you know what, i’m damn happy about that… it wasn’t too long ago that I could barely conceive of making even $60K in my biz and six-figures was WAY out there.

Curious for your thoughts. Have you been feeling the *pressure to rush* lately too or is it just me? Do your goals feel attainable or are they feeling too far out there?


  1. Michelle Lopez

    Guilty as charged.

    Yep, I’ve been somewhat impatient about hitting my numbers, and feeling pressured to do so asap. I feel like I need an extra set of hands, an extra 24 hours in the day, and yes, an extra bank account to accelerate my progress to lightning speed on steroids (as if lightning speed itself weren’t enough).

  2. Karri Flatla

    So poignant, Tina! And hats off to you for having the courage to talk openly about this.

    I definitely feel that pressure to hit a certain “mark,” like somehow I’ve confused net worth with just *worth* as an entrepreneur trying to do good work and get paid for it. (There’s one for TL’s Distinctionary eh?)

    I think for a few years it was sort of vogue for entrepreneurs to talk about how much money they were making. I mean, it’s important but it’s not the only measure of success. Besides, a biz can take in a million bucks and bear no fruit from that. The biz owner might have paid him/herself poverty wages or have incurred other “costs” we just don’t see from the outside looking in.

    Not to mention how many years and tears it often takes to reach a level of financial success or comfort (however we might define it). We don’t start a new career with a corner office, and such is the journey of an entrepreneur.

    Thanks for sharing Tina – you really ARE walking your talk and giving us that “sneak peek” you promise above 🙂


    ps: a wave to Julia!

    • Anonymous

      pressure indeed – I find when I feel that kind of “make money!!” pressure then i’m focused too much on the dollars coming in and not the value i’m providing to clients. Everything becomes skewed and stalled, and feels super ick. And the worth piece, yipes! If we determine worth based on bank-accounts this could be a pretty nutty world then too hey? hmmm…

  3. Julia Kious Zabell

    Absolutely love this, Tina!

    It is amazing the pressure we put on ourselves to take leaps and bounds in our business. I myself, have that going on in the back of my head often.

    And then, I get off the phone with a client and remember, that is all I ever really wanted. To truly help somebody create change in their life and the world and get paid to do it. What a great reminder to be, really BE, here now.

    And, the more I am here now, with my clients and in this present day business, the easier it is to accidentally get struck by the next move my business needs to take.

    It is almost like I am happening upon success the more I let go!

    Enjoy the letting go today! I know I will!
    Julia Kious Zabell

    • Anonymous

      “It is almost like I am happening upon success the more I let go!” <– love that! I really think that is the key Julia. awesome, thanks for sharing 🙂


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