How I pick my coach

Jan 25, 2011

We all know that we need a coach to help us grow ourselves and our businesses (right? ;) But even given that, it can be mighty hard to decide who to work with… there are ALOT of coaches out there, many of whom are awesome. How to pick?

Here’s what I consider when i’m looking at who I want to be my coach:

  • Have they done what I want to do? Do they have the kind of business I want to create? I want to work with a coach who is further down the path than me – they’ve been where i’m headed and know what the journey is like. There is alot to be said for experience vs. theoretical imo.
  • Their coaching style/expertise. This starts with asking yourself the question “What do I want/need from coaching?” Do I need someone who can give me a mindset “think big” tune-up? Or someone who can help me dig into the details? Someone who can help me define my life purpose? Someone who isn’t afraid to kick-butt or someone with more of a gentle approach? Different coaches have different ways of coaching and it’s KEY to know upfront what you want from someone so you can ensure you get the right match. (ie: I’m a terrible coach to help with life purpose, but I can help someone see the specific steps of what to do next in their biz.)
  • Do I respect the person? I don’t think we have to “like” our coaches per se, on a personal level. They don’t need to be our buddies. But we certainly do need to respect them for who they are and how they do business or we won’t be able to accept the support they are giving us.
  • What is their track record? Who have they worked with before and did they help them accomplish similar results to what you were looking for? If need be ask to speak to some of their other clients.
  • Do you feel like they care? I wrote about this in my Stop Settling Manifesto last year as it applies to hiring a virtual team. And you know what? The same thing really applies to hiring a coach imo. Do you feel like the coach actually cares about you and your business? Do they care about your success? This is actually a biggie for me, as I know that I *need* to feel connected to those who are in my close inner-biz circle or else something feels off. How they care might look a bit different for each of us but super important imo.

And if you are curious about someone and want to learn more about them before hiring the best way to do that is to attend their live event. Nothing beats a face-to-face interaction with someone to a) get to know them and b) get to know their tribe.

That’s it – so i’m curious… how do you decide who to work with? Why did you pick the coach that you are working with now? Inquiring minds want to know.


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