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Jan 20, 2011

Do you ever wonder what other business owners are actually doing all day?

Maybe it’s my nosy nature, but I am curious about how other people spend their time… what are they actually doing all day in their business?

And so I thought hey, i’ll share my working day with you… in case you are nosy like me. 😉

Here is a play-by-play of my day this past Tuesday January 18th, for those of you who like to sneak a peek behind the scenes and see what a typical day looks like for me in my biz.

8:50 AM – drive daughter to preschool and listen to some of my biz building CDs – today’s CD was from Fabienne Fredrickson’s Marketing Mindset event (I love listening to stuff in the car – what do you use your driving time for?)

9:05 AM – driving home and remember an old product of mine that I haven’t promoted in a while – Escape from Email Hell. Hey, could be time to get a promo going there! Hmmm…

9:20 AM – home now and checking email. First is an email my OBM re: doing a promo for the Escape from Email Hell product

9:32AM – posted this tweet from my daily www.tut.com email, it made me go “hmmm….
Insist on the destination, Tina, not on how you’ll get there.

9:42 AM – posted new RFP to hire an OBM via www.OBMConnect.com, great biz owner who is so ready to find the right support… so glad to help her find her match!

9:58 AM – dialing into call with @brynjohnson, she is interviewing me for her Ideas and Inspiration Series at http://www.ideasandinspirationinterviews.com/

11:02 AM – call is done, super fun! Always love talking to Bryn, she is a kindred spirit. Off to pick up my daughter from preschool.

11:55 AM – back from getting Sam, she’s off to her dayhome. Now it’s time to hop on a call with my OBM Mentees – it’s our monthly Q&A “anything goes” coaching call

1:30 PM – just wrapped up mentee call and now have a call with a lady from Germany who is interested in bringing the OBM model into her biz and for her market, very cool stuff! Would love to get more active in the European market

2:00 PM – chat with one of the gals who has done our OBM Certification re: having her teach a class with us in the future

2:30 PM – chatted with Mark Silver re: creating a cool new mini-product… Mark is simply awesome, love that we get to do something together. 🙂

3:00 PM – email checkin, reply to a few things

3:05 PM – quick call with one of my OBM Mentees re: an opp that has crossed her desk

3:20 PM – call with my new coach re: getting started and next steps. SUPER jazzed and excited (and a bit nervous too, eek moment!)

3:50 PM – signing off now to go pick up the girls from their dayhome, family time!

9:35 PM – quick check-in before bed, did a few projects and prepped myself for what is coming up tomorrow.

10:06 PM – off to bed!

10:15 PM – k, I squeezed in one last email… now i’m officially off to bed! 😉

And so you have it… a day in the life of Tina Forsyth. It may not be glamorous but I tell ya, I wouldn’t want to spend my days any other way.

How about you? What does your day look like?


  1. Tracey

    I admit… I’m nosy and snuck a peek. Thanks for sharing.. insightful how a fellow mompreneur spends her day! We’re sooo lucky to do what we do! And you do it so well!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Tracey 🙂

  2. FPE Services

    This was so good and so how I envision my days. I men down to the time and everything. I can’t wait until I’m at that point. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Anonymous

      how are you spending your time right now?

      • Fpeservices

        Right now I go to work from 9 – 5. During this time I make some changes to my website, write some blog posts for my va business, Make sure I’m on track with tasks for my clients (like checking in on graphic, or checking in the blog writer) and my email is on on through the day. Then I commute home where I cook dinner play with my 2 year old, make sure my 15 year old has done his homework, wake my husband up for work (he works a night shift). If I can’t a little extra time, I pop in on the computer, then put the little one to bed which usually means I fall asleep with him.

        So as you can see my day is pretty hectic and really unorganized, sigh!!! I probably forgot a thing or two. But I’m determined to get it organized a bit better, become a full time entrepreneur, and simply live a life that I really want to live. So that’s why I’m glad to see that you gave us a peek into your day. It let’s me know that I can get there and will get there.

  3. Sandra De Freitas

    Tina, I so love you! It’s good to hear what another entrepreneur does in her day, especially one who has kids and has to drive around throughout the day. Did you find that you were very cautious of your time since you were recording it for this post?

    • Anonymous

      not really, what you see is what you get, hehe. this is a pretty standard day for me actually, although I do wish i could get out of the habit of working in the evenings… but there is some stuff that I find i do much better at night. especially when i have to write, prep for a class, antyhing that requires “creative thinking” power.


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