Taking it up a notch

Jan 5, 2011

Here we are, the first “working day” of another new year.

I woke up this morning comparing this time last year to now… and it feels quite different for a couple of reasons:

  • I actually took some time off over the holiday season. I remember last year I was booked with calls all through the holidays, felt like I didn’t have any time off! This year I will admit I did a few quick check-ins, but pretty much stayed work-free for two whole weeks. So i’m feeling fresh! Instead of just feeling like this is a continuation of the past year I feel like I gave myself some breathing room, some space to consider what I want for 2011, get rested and ready to rock’n’roll.
  • I have much better support in place, which I think actually ties into feeling fresh as well. With my OBM Tiffany, our VA Ana, and some other key players on the team i’m actually not *doing* as much anymore. At this time last year I was still the only one taking care of most of the day to day, which quite honestly was exhausting when added to all the marketing/growth activities I was doing as well. Now I have much more time to focus on the important things – such as marketing, strategy, planning what’s next, working on new programs/offerings, plus I have time to do the things I love – leading calls and working with my coaching/mentorship clients (who all rock by the way.)
  • I’m not living in a world of fear. This time last year I was making some REALLY big changes in my business, and was at times scared out of my wits (complete with middle of the night “eek, what have I done!” moments.) I’m still continuing to grow and planning some more big changes in my biz, and yes… i’m still feeling the fear. But this time it’s not so all encompassing… I think because i’m starting to get that I can really accomplish what I set my mind to, that all things are possible and that it is an abundant world when we truly serve from the heart.
  • I know that the answers will come. I don’t know the specifics yet but I have the “inklings” of some brand new work that I want to do (that I feel called to do actually)… and yet I really don’t know what that will look like yet. A year ago that would have really bugged me as I would have wanted the clarity NOW! I needed to have all the answers, be clear on what was coming up, etc… a bit of my control freak nature (which i’m working to get over, LOL.) Now I feel OK with being in this space of creative tension, something is marinating here and it till ripen when the time is ready. All I need to do right now is keep the space open for it.

And so i’m ready to take it up a notch for 2011. How about you?


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