What are you doing to plan for 2011?

Dec 1, 2010

Here’s my “plan to plan” for next year, care to join me? (Click video to play)

We get started on December 13th – just click the button below to join us and you are set!

Here’s to planning for (and getting) everything you want in 2011 🙂

~ Tina


  1. Rosey Dow

    Hi Tina,
    I’m excited to be a part of this adventure. Great idea for helping us focus on planning for 2011. Thanks!

  2. Myriam

    Hi Tina, Sounds wonderful and I’m not sitting at my desk this week. Any other time to catch this?

  3. Carol

    Can you give us some idea of what business planning looks like to you? Or how specific or general you will be?


  4. Cindy Terrace

    Something is wrong…when I click the register now button…it says it can not be diplayed.

  5. Carrie

    How fun! Count me in!


  6. Kat Csengo

    Hi Tina,

    That’s an excellent idea and I’d love to join you. One little thing though: I’m in Germany (time zone: CET), could this still work?

    Many thanks,

    • Anonymous

      so long as that works for you Kat – the calls at 11am pacific, I believe that is 8pm your time? And if you can’t make the live calls we will have the recordings available as well. Would love to have you join us!

  7. Richard

    Hello Tina – I’m going through a lot of planning right now – and December will be an astonishingly busy month.

    I’m away for part of that week – but I wish you luck with it and please feel to drop in anytime to http://www.boardroombreakthrough.com & let me know if there is anything on the site that you can link with, or share ideas on – or just have a chat.

    Planning is a key element of ‘Smart Boardroom’ – and like your service – is fun to engage with.

    We’ve spent some time at ‘Chef’s Table’ together – be keen to hear how that went for you.

    Good luck with your service – I think it’s an excellent idea from an excellent lady I’ve barely had a moment to talk to!


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