Strategic Advisor for Smart, Accomplished Women Who Are Building Businesses That Leave a Mark in This World


Dear CEO

I know that feeling. I’ve been there.

You’ve already created something great and now you’ve got the itch…

It’s time to take things to the next level and make the impact you were born to make. 

Business has the power to change the world.  

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and are proud of what you have accomplished.

You’ve made good money, have awesome clients and are pretty darn good at what you do. 

AND you have the sense that you are meant for more. There is something calling you to make a change. You may not be 100% clear yet on what that change looks like, but you do know that how you’ve run your business so far isn’t how you want to keep growing.

I get it and have been there myself. In the 20+ years since I started my business I’ve hit this point multiple times. I started my business in 1999 as a 1-1 solopreneur and am now the CEO of 2 businesses – a Certification Training that I started in 2009 (and that now runs without me) & a Strategic Advisory where I get to work with women leaders who are here to make a mark in this world (oooo yea baby!)

 As a strategic advisor for my clients we work on:

  • Freeing you up from being the ‘hub’ of your business in 3 key areas (delivery, operations and marketing). If you have to show up for things to happen that is a barrier at this stage of growth. 
  •  Building and leading an empowered team of folks who are as committed to the growth and success of your business as you are.
  • Additional revenue arms of your business – such as certifications or licensing – that leverage what you’ve created already and the work you are meant to bring to the world.

Put simply, we work together to free you up from the stuff that shouldn’t be on your plate anymore, so that you have more time to do what you enjoy most, while building a business that continues to generate more money for you and your future. 

There is more you are meant to do in this world and folks are waiting for you to step into this next level. 

Shall we? Check out my Work With Me page for details.