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You are being called to a mission that is bigger than what you have accomplished to date.

I know what it’s like to feel bored. Frustrated. Tired.

Tired of working so hard for something that no longer excites you.

You’ve accomplished a lot already and it’s been great, but when you are honest with yourself you realize – it’s no longer what’s true or what’s calling you.

There is something else out there – something deeper. Wider. More meaningful.

And although you may not be 100% clear yet on what it looks like – and what needs to change  – you do know that how you’ve run your business to date isn’t how you want to keep expanding.

This is about a new way of working. A new way of leading. A new way of being.

It’s about letting go of everything that is NOT in your zone of genius, that is not the fullest expression of the great work you are meant to do.

And if it’s time, you know it.

But you might not realize that you don’t need to do it alone (nor are you meant to).

I work with people who:

  • Are willing to tap into their deeper guidance – their intuition – and stop looking for answers outside of themselves
  • Are willing to make unreasonable choices – ones that may not make ‘sense’ logically, that might even seem irresponsible, but that you know are right for you
  • Are willing to let go – to acknowledge that what got you here will not be what takes you to your next level
  • Are willing to pause – to drop the need to ‘be busy’ and create the space to hear your inner wisdom and guidance
  • Are willing to ask for help – even when you don’t need it (especially then!)
  • Are willing to invest in great people to support your journey – so you don’t have to carry the weight of a great mission alone 

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