Helping Coaches, Consultants and Authors turn their IP into a Licensing or Certification Program so they can be seen as THE leader in their industry


Dear CEO

You’ve been doing this for a while.

You’ve created something great and have the results to show for it

And now you are looking for a model to scale without adding tonnes more work to your plate

Creating my certification program was the best thing I ever did.

I was at a crossroads in 2008. I loved what I was doing but it was time for a change. Even though I was making good money and had a full client roster, I knew I couldn’t keep growing my business as a 1-1 service provider.

The two options in front of me were to either create an agency or to create a certification training. As much as I love the agency model it simply wasn’t for me, so I chose the certification path. And in 2009 the Certified OBM® Training and Association was born.

It’s been 15 (!) years since I chose this path and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for me and my business. The certification model has allowed me to:

  • empower thousands of other professionals to leverage their operations and administrative experience and build their own businesses as Certified OBMs
  • have licensed Certified OBM Trainers who offer the training program directly in partnership with the Association
  • work only a handful of hours each week supporting our members with plenty of time to focus on other ventures

Frankly, as much as I love the certification model the journey has had its share of ups and downs. When I started my program all those years ago there wasn’t anyone else doing this yet in the online space and I was “making it up on the fly”. I made my share of mistakes along the way and have learned exactly what it takes to birth – and grow – an amazing certification program.

Which is exactly what I help people with now through my Certification Accelerator programs.

There are two main reasons why the certification and licensing model is so powerful.

#1 – It is an awesome way for YOU – the business owner – to leverage your IP into a long-term, recurring revenue stream. One that requires LESS of your time and energy to deliver (especially once the certification training is up and running) and continues to make you money year after year… 🙌

It’s an ideal model when you’ve created a powerful process/methodology that you know works – that you’ve been using in your own business for years to create results for your clients.

#2 – A certification is a quick & simple way for your (potential) clients to start and/or grow their business! It’s the difference between someone developing their own thing from scratch, which can take years and is rife with trial and error. Vs. them taking what YOU have already created, plugging it into their business and fast-tracking to success because they are using something that has already been proven to work. 💪

It’s a true win-win model – huge value for both sides!

Curious if the certification model is right for you? Click here to take my Certification Readiness Assessment.