I help Coaches, Authors and Experts turn their IP into a Licensing or Certification Program so They Can be Seen as THE Leader in Their Industry

Your True Work

It’s no longer just about you.

It’s about impacting as many folks as possible.

And becoming the leader you know you are meant to be.

You’ve created something amazing that you know works. You’ve seen the results. Your clients are singing your praises.

But you no longer want to keep doing what you are doing.

You are tired of being the hub of it all. Of carrying the weight of client delivery on your shoulders.

Frankly, you wish you could be doing something else BUT you also don’t want to throw what you’ve already created – and what is working! – out the window.

Traditional scaling models will tell you that the one-to-many leveraged models are the way to go. Create group coaching programs or trainings where you can serve more people with the same amount of effort.

Yes, this model can be effective but YOU are still the one carrying the weight of it all on your shoulders. Which pretty much leaves you with the same dilemma.

This is why I LOVE the certification and licensing model. Instead of finding ways for YOU to serve more people, you are training others to be able to “do what you do” so that together, you can serve more people.

This is a model for leaders who KNOW that what they have created is much bigger than who they are as an individual, and they want to get it out there in the biggest way possible. They want their work to impact as many people as possible and they don’t want to do it all on their own. 

I work with my clients to bring their certification and licensing programs to life. To help them make the shift from “ugh, I’m tired of doing this and need to find a better way” to “Wow! I’ve got a group of people who care about this work as much as I do and are excited to be doing it”.

If this is speaking to you let’s talk. Here’s a couple of ways for us to connect. 

  1. Email me at coaching@tinaforsyth.com
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