30 Hour Workweek

30-HOUR WORKWEEK™ Training & License

What if it is possible to not only run – but GROW – a business working just 30-hours a week?

My mission is simple:

To make working only 30 hours per week the NORM for business owners, not the exception.

To help every committed, focused business owner find a way to work sane hours – no more than 30 hours a week – and still be able to grow their business. To scale without having to sacrifice their own time & sanity.

Certified OBM® Training

For Virtual Assistants, Freelancers, Project Managers, Online Marketing Specialists, Admin Professionals and anyone who ‘gets stuff done’ for their clients.

Become an Online Business Manager and Leverage your Operations and Administrative Expertise, Take Control of your Success and *Finally* Get Paid What you are Worth as the Person Who Works Their Buns Off Behind the Scenes (and LOVES it!)

Best Team Ever Intensive

The Best Team Ever Intensive

Find and Hire the Right Virtual Team to Support Your Growing Business

It’s time to take the guesswork and headache out of hiring for your small business! You need the *right* help NOW, so that you can focus on growing your business and doing the stuff you enjoy (and stop working 24/7 doing the “little” things)

Create your own Certification or Licensing Program

“Turning your Expertise into a Turnkey Offering for Your Ideal Clients”

I started my first Certification training in 2009 – The Online Business Manager Certification & Training program – and to be honest I made a lot of mistakes along the way. Left a lot of money on the table! I now help other amazing experts turn their creations into Certification & Licensing programs (and help them avoid the mistakes I made along the way.)…

Creating a Profitable ‘Done for You’ Agency

For 1-1 Service Professionals Who Are Tired of The Grind

You are full and can’t take on one more client, but you want to keep growing! It may be time to shift your business model from ‘doing all the work yourself’ 1-1 support to an agency based model where you hire a team of professionals to work with your clients. More team = more clients = more money!

Creating Leveraged Revenue Streams

“The 7 Best Business Models for Service Based Entrepreneurs”

Success STARTS with the right business model. Without that it doesn’t matter how much work you pour into sales, marketing and management of your company – you will be building your business on a shaky foundation. There are 7 business models that are PROVEN SUCCESSFUL for the virtual or online based entrepreneur…

How Scalable is your Business?

Take our 5-minute Assessment to find out if your business is ready for the next stage of growth (and if not, what is missing…)

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