You’ve done the work.  You’ve hustled.

You are doing what you are good at. You have been making money – maybe not all the money you desire but enough to be satisfied. You have good clients and it’s not as hard to find them as it once was.

Yet this new sense of uncertainty won’t leave you.

The success you thought you wanted isn’t doing it for you anymore. It’s not like anything is wrong with where you are at right now – you worked hard to get here and you are proud of that! But there is a dissatisfaction – a small voice deep inside – that knows you are meant for more. It is calling you up, beckoning you forward on your journey.

You may have a sense of what you are being called to next – or you may not – but try as you might you simply can’t ignore it anymore.

The problem is you don’t know what to do about it. You don’t know where to start or what exactly needs to change – this is uncharted territory and you don’t want to shake the foundation that you’ve worked so hard to build.

Success wasn’t supposed to feel this way!

Now here’s the paradox:

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

The tools, strategies and approach that you used to get to your current level of success are no longer helping to move you forward.

  • The hustle is no longer working, or worth it – try as you might, you can’t seem to push your way through this one like you always have before. You are at a stalemate in your growth.
  • The steps, strategies and templates you were using successfully before are no longer effective – they are simply played out. You intuitively know that there is a new and better way to keep growing.
  • Other people’s advice is landing flat – even from those who used to have such an impact on your thinking and decisions.
  • The work that was once so fulfilling and enjoyable is starting to (secretly) feel a bit empty or boring. It’s not as much fun as it used to be.

The solution may not be what you think.

It’s not about working harder or doing more of what you don’t like– it’s about you becoming the leader you are meant to be.

It’s about tapping into your truth at another level and finding the elegant way to create success on your terms.

“I outgrew my purpose and didn’t even know it”

Back in 2012 I was secretly feeling dissatisfied with my business – and more so with myself for feeling this way!

I had spent years birthing the Certified Online Business Manager training and community. This was a labor of love based on the work I had done personally for clients since 2002. I had written a book and created two powerful programs that were serving clients at the highest level. I had an amazing team of women supporting me – people I consider to be my family. I was making multiple 6-figures and working about 30 hours a week with weekends off.

I had reached a level of success that I had only DREAMED of years before…

And it was no longer fun. It was no longer satisfying.

Truth be told I was bored and I would secretly think about escaping my business. I had the itch to be doing something totally different than what I was doing now. I felt like there was something more for me, even though I had no idea what it was.

And then I would stop and think “Tina, how can you be unhappy when THIS is exactly what you wanted? You have everything you need so why can’t you be happy? Who do you think you are anyhow?”

I squashed those feelings down and kept plugging away in neutral – that space where nothing is wrong but nothing is right either. That space where everything is “fine”.

I put on a happy face and pretended that everything was great but the truth was that I was feeling guilty.

I felt like wanting more – wanting something else – was a betrayal to my clients and to my team. That I was being selfish and greedy. That something was wrong with me because I couldn’t seem to be happy with what I had worked so hard to create.

One day I realized it was actually a betrayal to myself to keep ignoring this desire. The longer I tried to force myself to stay where I was the more I struggled – I had outgrown my purpose and it was time to accept it.

And so I allowed myself to start exploring life beyond my current business and programs. I gave myself permission to explore and play in areas that I had been feeling called to but was avoiding. Only finding my new purpose wasn’t so easy. I continued to create programs based on my knowledge and experience in running successful businesses and it was good, yet there was still a deeper calling that wouldn’t go away.

It was time to stop following what was easy for me; time to stop playing it safe in the space where I felt needed and comfortable. It was time to create something NEW in alignment with my truth and vision. Something that didn’t fit the status quo of what people were expecting from me.

If I’m really honest, doing what others want me to do has never interested me much. I am always driven to do it my way, to do it differently. (This is what birthed the Online Business Manager movement all those years ago!)

I like to feel that the work I do matters and that I’m bringing something new to the table. A new perspective. A simpler way. A more elegant solution.

What about you? Are you an innovator? A creator? An intuitive soul who is called to lead the way to something more?

When I tapped into the truth of my calling it became clear that I experienced all of this struggle for a purpose.

I know how to help women hear and recognize their calling. (I can also see when someone is trying to avoid their calling because I did the same for so long!)

I know how to successfully lead an industry, a business and a team. How to connect with others who are as committed to the vision as you are, so as to have the impact you really want to have.

I know how to tap into that inner ‘rebel’ and create something different that still serves deeply.  How to break free of the rules that can keep us stuck in mediocrity.

I know all of these things simply because I’ve lived them.

I’ve embraced my calling to help other women on this path.

To let them know it’s OK to want more. We are meant to continue to grow create and expand. Just because we already created success doesn’t mean we need to be chained to it. Just because someone else wants it from us doesn’t mean we have to keep doing it.

You are feeling this way for a reason

It’s the call to lead. To become the leader you know deep inside that you are meant to be.

Leadership is not a position or a title. It’s about WHO you are being and the impact you make in this world.

Leadership is simply owning the truth and unabashedly taking a stand for that truth in all areas of your business and life.

“You either walk into your story and own your truth, or you live outside of your story hustling for your worthiness.”
Brene Brown, Rising Strong

Leadership is the key to elegant success in business.

  • It’s the path to finding and living the truth of who you are, what you want and how you are meant to serve.
  • It’s the way to make more money without having to work harder or do things that you no longer enjoy.
  • It’s the answer to working too many hours and still never getting to where you want to be.

Leadership is also really hard. Every time you step out in your truth you risk rejection or ridicule. You may ruffle feathers and potentially piss people off. You may find yourself having to make changes that a part of you really wishes you didn’t have to make.

 Leadership Takes Courage

It takes courage to tell the truth. To say the hard things. To ask for what you really want. To let go of what is comfortable. To be real.

  • You have amazing ideas that you intuitively know can only be birthed through you – how do you say no to some of the things you currently have in order to make room for these new ideas?
  • You want to lead a team of people who are smarter than you, but you are afraid – how will you find them? How do you know if they are right? Will they represent you and your brand in the right way?
  • You want to up level the clients you are working with – to those who are ready for your work and able to easily pay your fees. But what if these clients don’t see the value you bring to the table? What if you aren’t able to deliver on this level of promise?

These are just a handful of the questions you must answer to step into your calling with purpose and integrity.

You don’t need me to answer them, but you do need a container of support, of trust and of truth to be able to answer them honestly. You need to unplug yourself from the day-to day commitment of clients, team and family.

You need to give yourself dedicated space to get clear… that’s why I’ve created The Call to Lead Retreat.

Together we are going to explore your leadership edge. We are going to celebrate the truth of who you really are and lovingly let go of what no longer serves you.

We are going to get clear on what needs to change so that you can step into your next-level calling. It might be a simple tweak to the path you are on already – or it might be a complete game changer.

We are going to tap into the well of courage that exists for you as a powerful woman – so that you KNOW in your bones that yes, you can do this.

It might be scary but I promise you that the truth is only scary when we resist it or when we try to go it alone. As a group we will hold the space for each participant to be real and supported.

We will explore the 4 areas of leadership that you need to master in business.

Leading Yourself

Leading Your Clients

Leading Your Business

Leading Your Team

Within each of these areas we will identify your leadership sweet spot, so that you know exactly where to focus your energies and how to grow into your leadership ability.

If you are anything like me I know that:

You are a smart cookie and able to figure most everything out on your own

You like to jump in and make stuff happen – you aren’t one to shirk responsibility!

You thrive on being the one to save the day – bring on the chaos and problems because you always know how to fix ‘em (and you are usually right)

You are never truly satisfied – when you reach a goal you are already looking ahead to the next one.

You are a powerful woman who is committed to making a difference.

And a part of you wonders why you haven’t figured this out yet…

I’ve worked with some of the top leaders in our industry – people who are brilliant at what they do and appear to ‘have it all’ yet behind the scenes they are struggling with their leadership.

  • They can’t seem to find the right people for their team and are stuck in the cycle of hiring/firing and working themselves to the bone.
  • Despite appearances they lack confidence in what they have created and the sustainability of their business.
  • They feel the burden of their success weighing on them and are starting to question if it’s really worth it.

It’s easy to think that successful people are automatically great leaders – this simply isn’t true. Although we all have the potential to lead, there is a learning curve to becoming a leader. Much of my work with these clients was around the mindset – the inner game – of embracing their natural leadership ability. Learning how to think differently so that they could lead purposely.

Leadership is a learned skill – a shared skill- it isn’t something that you can ‘figure out’ on your own like you may have always done in the past.

What I really want for you is:

  • To be seen as the leader that you are – to be the ‘go to’ person in your zone of genius, so that yours is the first name that comes to mind whenever someone is in need of what you offer
  • The have the freedom to do the work that you really love – not just what you are good at. To break free of the box of obligation and ‘shoulds’ that has kept you stifled all these years
  • An elegant path to creating more money for you and the business – so that you are able to truly experience your ability to make the money you want, when you want to make it (and get off the roller coaster of uncertain income

If you want the same things then I invite you to join me.

The Call to Lead
A Retreat for Courageous Women

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The bottom line is this – the calling doesn’t go away. Believe me, I’ve tried to get rid of it. I spent years trying to brush it under the rug so that I could ignore it. I’ve run away from it hoping that I could somehow hide and it would leave me alone.

When you try to ignore this calling it becomes louder, more persistent. It continues to knock quietly until it needs to knock you over the head. It might start to mess with the success you’ve already created – you may even start to backslide in your business for no apparent reason.

The only choice to make is WHEN you are going to listen – be it now or later.

If the time is now it would be my honor to support you on this journey.

Tina Forsyth
Coach, Mentor & Courageous Leader
Author of the award winning book The Entrepreneurs Trap

Logistical questions?
Here are some answers! 

Do I need a passport?

Yes, Canada requires a passport. If you do not have one yet, you can request an expedited process. Details on how to find your local U.S. Passport branch here.

What airport do I fly into?

You fly into Calgary International Airport (YYC). There are plenty of flight options from the US and international.

How far is Banff from Calgary?

Banff is about 1.5 hours from Calgary. There is an affordable shuttle service that we will tell you about once you register. Or if you like to drive, you can rent a car and enjoy a BEAUTIFUL drive into the mountains (plus have the freedom to explore the National Park at large.)

Where will we stay?

The retreat will be held at the Banff Caribou Lodge, located on Banff Avenue in the heart of town. We have arranged for a room rate of $159/night for attendees who register before May 8th. June is the start of the busy season in Banff so we HIGHLY recommend booking your room asap.

How many people will be there?

This is an intimate retreat for 12-18 women – we are purposely capping the retreat so as to give everyone the attention and foster a deeper connection with our attendees.

Still have questions?  Wondering if this retreat is for you? Book a time to chat via the calendar above or email me direct at and we’ll connect. (this is my private email and comes direct to me)