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3 Easy Steps to Train Someone to Do What You Need to Stop Doing (now!)

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Originally posted September 2013

Working too hard and wish you could get some work off your plate? Wish your team could help you more?

All business owners and entrepreneurs deal with the challenge of taking stuff off their plate and handing it to their team. The fear of “can someone else really do it as good as me?” is a real one and simply part of the business growth journey.

Below are three super simple steps that you can implement now to train your staff to take over some of the tasks that you’re doing — so you can ultimately get them off your plate and spend your time working on things only YOU can do.

A quick note: if you embrace the fact that you need to train someone, these steps will work better for you 🙂

STEP 1: Walk Them Through

When you decide what you want to get off your plate, take the time to walk your team member through whatever you’re training them on.

If you have documentation already in place, share this with your team member and have them update it as you train them.

If you don’t have already have documentation in place, have your team member write up the steps while you are training them.

STEP 2: Stay Close

The first couple of times that your team member takes over a task, they will likely have questions. Stay close and make sure you let them know that you’re available to answer questions.

You can also check in from time to time, see how they’re doing and add any additional information and details that you may have left out in previous training/discussions.

STEP 3: Pass the Baton

Once the process is nailed down, your team member is trained and they have completed the task themselves a few times, you need to let it go.

This is probably the most important step.

Once you get to the place of knowing a task is being done the way you want it done, you will be able to truly let it go.

Let’s Get Started:

What tasks would you like to get off your plate in the near future? Start with these three steps and before you know it, you’ll have stuff off your plate and also have your team supporting you the way you need to be supported.

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Should you start your own Certification Program?

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Originally posted February 2014

** UPDATE ** Based on your response we decided to go ahead and
offer a Create Your Certification Blueprint Training –
check it out here if you are interested in joining us.


Waiting to Get to the End of Your To-Do List

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If you’ve ever thought “I just need to get to the end of my to-do list and then I’ll take a break”… today’s video is for you.

Profit First – Book Review

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Let me give you a cliff notes version of my FAVORITE biz book of 2014… a must read if you want to keep your money.

This book, by far, is my most favorite business book of all time.

It’s called Profit First and it was written by Mike Michalowicz.

You might not know this about me, but I love numbers. In fact, after I got my business degree (20 years ago!), I thought I might become an accountant (after a tax class, I realized it wasn’t for me!).

The truth is I geek out on numbers and I’m pretty in tune with the money coming in and the money going out in my business. However, after reading this book I realized how this book makes managing business numbers and money incredibly easy.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with numbers. In fact, I did a survey recently and asked the members of my community to share their biggest business challenges and frustrations. One of the biggest challenges shared was “I am not able to pay myself, from my business, what I believe I am worth”.

If you’re living this right now, I can’t help but ask you, if you’re not getting paid what you’re worth by your own business, then what the heck are you doing it all for?

You see, most of us in business follow this general business accounting principle “Sales – Expenses = Profit”. This equation clearly shows why business owners are not paying themselves enough – because there is usually no (or little) money left over after the expenses are paid.

Here’s what I love most about the book Profit First — it turns the old “Sales – Expenses = Profit” principle around to “Sales – Profit = Expenses”. This means, when money comes in the business door, the first thing to get paid is PROFIT, then YOU. Everything else (including expenses) comes after that. Imagine that! YOU get paid before your expenses!

If you’re wondering “How much should I put aside to pay my expenses – i.e. my team members etc.”- check out page 38 of the Profit First book –it tells you exactly what to do with your business revenue. I encourage you to follow this exactly as it’s shared in the book.

A word of warning – following these guidelines may mean you need to make significant changes in the way you manage your business numbers. However, once you get started, you’ll never look back.

In the video above, I share the single piece that I implemented that made the most impact for me and my business. Click play above to hear about it.

Whether you’re new to business or have been at it for a while, this book is REQUIRED reading! Don’t fall into the trap of working your butt off and not having anything to show for it.

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How Do You Measure Success?

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It’s not just about sales & revenue – you want to be actively measuring your success in these 3 key areas.

How do you measure success as the purposeful CEO of your small business?

You’ve likely heard some entrepreneurs share “I had a 6 figure launch.” or “Last year we reached 7 figures!” … and you’ve compared your success to theirs. Don’t let yourself fall into this ‘success trap’.

Here are 3 things you can measure to determine the success of your business:

1. Money

The money in your business is more than the revenue that’s coming in – it’s the profit.   

Do you know the dirty little secret out there in the entrepreneur world? Many business owners are not getting paid well by their company; yes, even when their company is making a whole lot of money.    That’s because their revenue may be high, but their expenses are also high … leaving little for profit.

Profit means much more than revenue.  You need to be getting paid in a way that creates success for you and your small business.

2. Meaning
You are a purpose led entrepreneur. I am too. I wouldn’t be sharing this information with you if I wasn’t building my business on meaning.

To measure if you are successful in the area of meaning, ask yourself if you’re happy with the vision of your company. Have you shared your vision with your team, and if so, are they excited about it too?

If you, as CEO, and your team are able to be the best of who they are in your business, you’re doing great in achieving ‘meaning’ success in your business.

3. Freedom
Freedom is the ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

Freedom is a big part of why I started my business. It’s the reason many other entrepreneurs have started their business as well.

To measure your success in the freedom department, ask yourself if you’re able to take a vacation and still have your business run without you, or is that virtually impossible? Can you take even a few days off here and there, enjoy weekends off and not work 24/7 … or do you feel like you need to work all the time – day, night and weekends?

If you’re business isn’t set up to run without you, you’re not successful in the freedom area. The good news is, this can be fixed.

I’m curious, as the CEO of your small business, how do you score in each of these three areas?

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My top tip for success?

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Simple – keep going.

There is no magic formula. There is no “one size fits all” path to get there. If you keep looking for an easier way to get there you probably won’t find it (or if you do someone is selling you a pipedream.)

The path is different for everyone and the only way to ensure success is to keep going.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down. How many mistakes you make or how often you feel like you’ve screwed up.

Failure only happens when we stop. Everything in between is simply part of the journey.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. ~ Winston Churchill


Hard work is sexy!

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It’s so easy to look at someone else and think they got lucky, they were in the “right place at the right time” or that they have opportunities that you don’t have.

That is simply not true – success comes from hard work.

It comes from taking a step forward every day, even when you don’t feel like it (especially when you don’t feel like it!)

It comes from daring to go for what you really want, instead of just settling for what you have.

It comes from being willing to do the things that other people aren’t doing, even if they think you are a bit crazy.

It comes from knowing your purpose and being 100% committed to doing whatever it takes.

I think that’s damn sexy.


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The 4 Signs of Entrepreneurial Burnout

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Originally posted on July 4, 2013.

You may be in burnout right now and not even realize it.

I’ve had this conversation with a few clients recently about burnout and how their current challenges simply boiled down to the fact that they are in burnout and need to take a break.

(My favorite assignment to give someone is to take a week off – woo hoo!)

Here are my top 4 signs of entrepreneurial burnout:

  1. You are perpetually stressed – grumpy, frustrated, impatient, annoyed, overwhelmed. I don’t mean having a bad day here and there – we all have those as entrepreneurs! I’m talking about feeling this way for weeks on end and it’s not getting any better.
  2. The people around you are noticing that you are stressed – if those that you spend the most time with (family, team or clients) are noticing this, then it may be a bigger deal then you realize. And they might not want to mention it to you, so you may need to ask if you want to know what they are noticing.
  3. You aren’t able to get stuff done anymore – the things that you would normally do really quickly and easily you are suddenly not doing well anymore. You are dropping the ball, missing stuff that you normally wouldn’t miss or simply aren’t performing at the level you want to be.
  4. You are experiencing health issues – you may be having trouble sleeping. Or perhaps you are getting sick more often or for longer periods of time. For some folks you may suddenly find yourself getting hurt or having accidents.

Believe me I get it – I’ve experienced all of these myself over the years.

The solution? First step is to recognize it for what it is. In my experience, burnout is not something you can “push through”… it’s something you need to release.

When I have a client in burnout, my recommendation is that they start by taking a break – preferably at least a week of 100% unplugged time. For many of you, that will be enough to hit the reset button and you’ll be back in action… if not then there might be bigger issues at hand that you’ll need to explore.

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“But I don’t have the time”

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Forgive me if I sound harsh but if you tell me this I just might bop you over the head.


Because we ALL have the exact same amount of time in the day.

The only thing that differentiates us from each other is how we SPEND our time.

Consider someone who you admire. Someone who has created the kind of success that you crave? (perhaps you are even a bit jealous…)

How do you think they are spending their time differently than you?

What if you did the same?

As a CEO you can no longer use the “I don’t have enough time” excuse.

It’s time to start letting go of the things that you shouldn’t be doing anyhow. Find someone else to do them, look to automate them or stop doing them entirely (you might be amazed how often you can just stop doing something and it really doesn’t have an effect on your bottom line.)

Your time is valuable, spend it wisely.


Why Are We Afraid To Say That Success Requires Hard Work?

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I’m not going to sugarcoat it – Success Requires Hard Work! Being successful in business will test us at every level – financial, spiritual, emotional, mental.

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