3 Most Annoying Email Subject Lines

By May 5, 2016General Biz

There are 3 types of emails that I’m SO tired of getting in my inbox…

  • Gawd, I love you!

    I learned the hard way by believing those tactics would work for me – and they all failed horrifically!

    I finally got the lady balls to say “f*ck it” to those slimy tactics and now approach my communication by pretending I’m writing my best friend. Pure love.

    p.s. When are you coming back to NYC? xoxo

    • tinaforsyth

      I think you need to send out an email that says “I found my lady balls” – LOL. I am coming back to NYC in October I think? Gotta have some more Carolyn #PB time. 😉

      • Wonder what the open rate would be on that subject line?

        #longlive #PB

  • I agree! I was shocked today when the high integrity Michael Hyatt used the “we’re closing the doors” and then today sent a “well, we’ll do a trial offer” to the non-buyers. He’s not the only one but I really felt it was a break in his trusted brand. Also, the “do you hate me” email subject line strategy–and I believe the other things you mention– have been made popular by Ryan Levesque and his book “Ask.” Too many of the popular internet marketers are just repeating the strategy without thinking about the message it sends. Thanks for the rant!

    • tinaforsyth

      It does break trust doesn’t it? Even if just a little bit. And I get it – these are proven templates and strategies that can work, but at what cost? And when everyone starts to do it, double ugh.

  • Sally dougan

    Additional repugnant subject lines — I n this period of intense political party and candidate donation solicitations, subject lines like, ” Name, We’re disappointed. . .”, and “Final Notice” are offensive.

    Meant to intimate, shame one into contributing. They have the opposite effect on me, even if a cause I support. I don’t respond to them!

    • tinaforsyth

      yea – that’s the piece that bugs me the most. feeling like I’m being shamed into something. Ugh.

  • Lilytiger

    I am right there with you, sister. Especially the fake technology problem. Why would I trust someone who has so many of those?

    • tinaforsyth

      LOL – I forgot about the tech probs…