That ONE pesky thing – let’s get rid of it shall we?

By December 18, 2015General Biz

Originally posted on December 12th, 2013.

December can be a weird month for many of us – we are gearing down a bit to end the year and head into the holiday season, which means we might be feeling like we aren’t accomplishing much for the month. Here’s a quick exercise to end the year on an accomplishment high.

  • Samantha Moe

    The stuff on my “small tasks” list – there are only 5 but when I knock ’em out today I’m DONE 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Sarah-Jane Le Blanc

    I’m clearing out my inbox and not signing off until it’s done!!!!!!

  • Beth Claxton

    I posted that blog i wanted to write since October! It’s getting lots of comments too! Now that that is done…..Maybe i’ll record some meditations….

  • Bill

    Thanks, Tina! My pesky thing is to do all my final tax paperwork – like update mileage logs and charitable donations for the year.

    • Bill I’m right along with you on that one. As much as I try to keep up on my taxes they are the one area that always “slips away” from me.

  • PJ Van Hulle

    Thanks, Tina!

    I’ve been meaning to create some more short content videos for my List-Building Rockstars Program so I’m going to buckle down and handle that! : D


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