5 Steps to Clear Your Inbox Today

By January 24, 2014Systems & How-Tos

Buried in your inbox? You aren’t alone… here are 5 simple steps to clean your inbox once and for all.

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  • I’ve gotten behind, but I’m excited to know that I do most of these 🙂 Thanks for sharing!! I will be sharing this video with my network, too!!

  • My Inbox was in the past the Dragon that had to be Tamed. Fortunately following a system similar to yours, whew! I take it a step further by going through old emails, especially those that are more than 6 months old and delete if they are no longer relevant. More often than not, they are newsletters.

  • Karen Croll, VirtuallyWithYou

    Good to know I’m already doing this! These are great tips though. Btw
    Tina, your link at the end of the book seems to be broken: